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Live Producer (World Stage)

Location:         Central London, UK

Salary:             £26,000-£31,000

Audience are recruiting a permanent live producer to join our small team of PR, advertising and event production specialists. We are an energetic and experienced team, who go the extra mile for our clients and deliver outstanding results.

- The Company -

We are a creative engagement agency, with specialist skills in delivering live activations which create stories and seek attention. Our efforts are amplified by joined-up thinking across marketing channels, creating holistic campaigns with cross-agency management. We operate in a wide range of markets with our three departments; Brand Promotion, Corporate Communications and World Stage.  

- The Role -

We are recruiting a Live Producer to act as a senior representative for our World Stage portfolio. We work directly with government agencies, NGO’s, foreign embassies, High Commission offices and national representatives for countries around the world. Since our predominant work includes members of the ASEAN community and surrounding areas, this role will be heavily focussed towards clients in these territories. This role will work particularly closely with the Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and our future ASEAN communities (including pipework developments).

A Live Producer at Audience is responsible for the concept, delivery and success of major campaigns in any given department. Reporting directly to the board of directors, the role has a great level of autonomy and control over the result of projects. Producers span three major activities, including business development, account management and live production.

Business Development tasks include future outreach for new work to the business and winning it. You would be expected to attend international trade events, seek out which opportunities deemed worthwhile to pursue further and follow up on cold meetings. You may be expected to attend these events without senior support, and could be anywhere in the world (but predominantly in Asian business hubs including Hong Kong and Singapore). You will likely meet high-ranking members of government and thus conduct yourself and the represent the company accordingly. Taking opportunities further, you will lead the creation of tender proposals which includes planning out a presentation for submission which reflects their brief, creates concepts for consideration, a proposed campaign and ultimately a detailed cost breakdown (quote). Your creative flair will shine here, whilst your meticulous attention detail to ensure every base is covered. Typical proposals take 2 weeks to compose with use of designers, researchers and consultation with our creative director, but is your responsibility to ensure the document is coherent, follows a winning flow and stands out against the competition. You will be proud of your creative solution finding including opportunities to provide savings through production. Sale achievements will be built into target earnings.

Account Management tasks include overall client and project management. You will hold between 4 and 8 active clients at any one time, depending on the size and scope of the project. A typical budget would be between £100,000 and £200,000. Your particular attention will be focussed on ensuring our clients stay loyal to us by offering them unrivalled service and likability. Day to day tasks include meeting the client with a well-rounded experience (agendas, meeting notes and scheduled actions), monitoring the Request Register and Project Progress Plans – systems to monitor our delivery performance, timesheets – to monitor financial planning and research tasks requested by the client.

Live Production tasks include budget and complete delivery management. This very vast role encompasses the responsibility of the net result, whether it be a digital campaign or real-life experience. A producer is proud of his or her efforts through effective brief delivery and strong ROI for the clients’ needs. You will build strong relationships with suppliers to ensure we are providing the most competitive pricing whilst pushing their creative skillset to offer award-winning experiences. Live environments are extremely dynamic and fluid, so your project planning would have built in fail-safes, contingencies and “what-if” solutions on the fly. Budget management involves cost estimation, invoice processing and reconciliation (in short, keeping the budget water-tight and understanding every single cost due). Projects take thorough planning through the complete process including strict health and safety measures, writing risk assessments, Event Management Plans and disaster planning. You will visit the venues in questions multiple times for different reasons including creative design, safety planning, client presentation and local authority sign-off.

These tasks are extended through the person specification and required experience.

- Person Specification -

You must show evidence of examples of when you have achieved the skills below, and offer your own additional skills over and above the specification. We aren’t looking for the acceptable candidate, we are looking for the exceptional one. We are looking for a team player who can work brilliantly under pressure, whilst drawing on personal experience of running large-scale activations.

  • A proactive problem solver
  • Have a high level of standards of delivery
  • Able to manage a list of concurrent projects calmly and in keep them in control
  • Manage a long list of suppliers, whilst working effectively for them to deliver ahead of time and with significant savings of budget
  • Meet and hold conversations with high-profile individuals including foreign ministers, mission attachés and country ambassadors (or High Commissioners)
  • Keep a meticulous attention to detail when in all environments
  • Ability to understand when the upmost attention is required to prioritise tasks with certain urgency
  • Remain calm and collected in high stress environments
  • Can grow with limited direction – taking initiative and striving in self-propelling opportunities
  • Opposes the “that will do” attitude of others
  • Hands-on attitude and an open communicator
  • Ability to juggle multiple work streams and projects
  • Proficient in MS Office and the Adobe Design Creative Suite (particularly skilled in Excel)
  • Extremely confident dealing with cost and understanding profit/loss scenarios
  • Very comfortable travelling around the world
  • Very comfortable working anywhere in the world (in all sorts of environments)
  • Very comfortable working unsociable hours
  • Be self-motivated, self-sufficient and have an accountable attitude
  • Must speak English at an idiomatic level
  • Be fluent in at least one other language (must be Malaysian, Indonesian or Filipino)
  • Culturally rich (has lived in another country for a sustained period, understanding of our clients in similar situations)
  • Educated to degree level
  • Strong team player with a positive attitude and desire to grow both personally and professionally as the role requires
  • Proven ability to manage projects and live events, working towards tight deadlines
  • Has worked in our World Stage venues before (including the Mayor of London’s Trafalgar Square)
  • Has grown existing accounts and highlight future growth opportunities
  • Keeps industry relationships strong, negotiating terms annually

- Experience- 


  • Solid experience of PR, advertising or event delivery
  • Working part of a wider team and managing others
  • Shown personal development or growth
  • Various cultural-focussed activity including events, journalism, research planning, television or other media related tasks
  • Design, delivery and growth of multiple projects
  • Onsite management installation and delivery, with the ability to think fast on your feet
  • Disaster planning in live environments
  • Gaining legal permits for activations which might not otherwise be allowed before
  • Worked across a wide range of venues, and in a favoured fashion whilst gaining discounts and value added services
  • Responsible for budgets up to £250,000 per account
  • Include a long list of personal portfolio pieces
  • Has worked in agencies or in-house for commercial organisations (as opposed to government or local authority background) 

We want you to get behind our mission to make experiences more engaging and think around the brief into areas the client hasn’t considered. You’ll connect the dots, think on your feet and treat the client like royalty. We love what we do and want you to too.

The closing date for applicant’s is 21st November 2017