Taste Tour

Malaysia Airlines


Malaysia Airlines

Promote key routes and reasons to travel. Let the flavours do the talking...

The Malaysian Airlines Taste Tour responded to a brief looking to raise brand awareness for the airline and to drive sales for specific routes within Malaysia.

We partnered Malaysia Airlines with well-known chefs, sending them on a taste discovery to Malaysia on the new A350. They trailed through key tourist destinations including Penang and Kota Kinabalu to garner inspiration and create signature dishes to bring back home. We created a market in Canary Wharf where the feature items were sold (and fast)! A series of online content followed, with direct call to actions increasing ticket purchases. Data was tracked as consumers were able to ‘check-in’ and buy food.

Over £1.4m in publicity generated and ticket sales of the routes moved into the top 3 destinations during the campaign period.

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